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Moving? Got a rental truck or moving container 


you need a helping hand? 

Our team from movéo is here to help.   

2 moving helpers

2 moving helpers

$138 per hour

(2 hour minimum)

+ $48 svc fee

movéo is a labor only moving company from Central Texas.

We are your hired hands to help your next move go smoothly.

Whether you have rented a box truck, trailer or moving container and you need help loading or unloading you can trust in the team from movéo

Load | Unload

3 moving helpers

3 moving helpers

$198 per hour

(2 hour minimum)

+ $48 svc fee

If you need additional movers or packing, we can help with that as well.

For local, full service moves that requires a truck or five contact click here to reach AME Movers.

Loading | Unloading Services

Labor Only Moving

Serving Central Texas

Phone: 254-677-6114

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